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Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
. john mcafee, the man that started the company that bhairz name is in hiding. his story gets more bizarre by the hour. >> yes. it has taken a number of twists and turns. john mcafe did respond to our request quest saying he's an exclusive agreement, wired is sharing information with us including a phone interview with mcafee. denies killing his neighbor, and says he's worried police are going to kill him. a former silicon valley sprur communicating with a reporter from wired magazine saying is he not armed and doing whatever he can. wired provided abc news with photos of mcafee and portions of a phone recording with him. >> i hit almost 18 hours and will do whatever it takes. >> police have named thisfnv 67-year-old as a person of interest. the reporter is tweeting what mcaf sex telling him and last night, slept on a mattress full of lice he sounded scared and nervous, convinced police were going to kill him. >> mcaee founded the company that still bears his name, reportedly worth $100 million in 1994 but lost much of the fortune. analysts had several encounter was mcafee in sili
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
john boehner said everything, including increased revenue needs to be on the table and said it's time for the president to lee.d. >> thank you. wall street weighed in on what the president had to say today. stock prices on the rice after'z consumers sentiment reported at a more than five-year high. here is what happened after television. the dow finished with a gain of just four points. this is what the line looked like. they were just lining up to get boxes for thanksgiving and christmas and put their name on the list for christmas toys. >> this is really scary to see people braving elements just for that opportunity. >> we're crowded and money is tight. so this won't be a very good holiday season. >> they plan to sign up 4,000 families. the agency making a plea for don yaigs to meet demands. >> a former america's cup sailing team was devastated by the -- and lift spirits. here is the story. >> looks like a hot sauce bottle but it's supposed to be a plane. >> should go farther than a couple feet. i used to build model planes.. >> that is not stopping mario and his daughter from plann
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
from police. executive is a wanted man tonight in central america. the 67-year-old john mcafee founder of the antivirus company, is the prime suspect in a weekend murder of his next door neighbor in belize. the victim, a former california builder named gregory fall was found shot to gregory fall was found shot to death saturday night. mcafee for firing guns and  the tech blog says mcafee had been associated with some of the notorious gangsters in belize. >> police in union city are investigating what they say is a suspicious death of a man nound a trash bin yesterday. that discovery happened on 10th street. a woman took out her garbage. police identified the 21-year-old as a man who later died in a hospital. police say the can did not belong to the home, and it was found in front of, along with investigators family and friends are looking for answers. >> so many questions. >> union city police say no cause of death hz been released. >> only on abc 7 news tonight, two pedestrians struck by a car the fight of the protest in oakland last year are suing filing a suit against bart and oakl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3